Daniel Maker STEM education center was founded by Daniel Kral in 2014, who moved to Taiwan from Czech Republic 20 years ago. Having STEM engineering and education background, the company CEO realized that STEM education was not being fully encouraged around the island to reach the international standards. This led him to set up a little group that would soon become the leading STEM education center.

Daniel Kral has worked closely with the education bureau to promote Maker movement and hold STEM education seminars for public schools from elementary schools, high schools, to universities. 

We are fully aware that in the era of cutting-edge intelligence, the use of technology and information is an indispensable cross-disciplinary ability. Therefore, the goal of the Daniel Maker STEM Education Center (DM) is to cultivate students' abilities in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and programming. DM has developed high quality teaching materials and has been training students from all age groups, covering pre-school children, elementary, high school, university and adult students as well as seniors.

Research and development of STEM education materials, teachers training and direct teaching has always been our priority and we continue to lead the way of STEM education.